Frequently Asked Questions (for Weddings)


While buffets are great, we believe that each couple should choose their own deliverables.

Orange Kat has a “base package” with an a la carte menu for you to customize to your heart’s (and wallet’s) desire. Contact us with the details of your event for a list of relevant services.


Preview Film of 3-6 minutes. This is your highlights film, a condensed version of the feature film, ideal for sharing on social media.
Main Feature of 15-30 minutes, depending on your requirements and other factors such as the number of events, days, locations.

Our pricing varies depending on many factors including special equipment used, a la carte items, and number of parallel ceremonies. After we chat with you about key factors like location, coverage, timeline, etc., we can send you a proposal along with the extras on offer.

50% of your total cost needs to be paid to book your date. The balance 50% needs to be paid during the event. We start editing only after the final payment is made.

A preview film usually takes 8 weeks and other deliverables take 12-16 weeks, depending on when your wedding takes place.

A Same Day Edit (SDE) is a trailer length edit of your wedding which is produced during your event. A SDE is an excellent way for the couple and their guests to relive the festivities and is usually displayed at the last event. A SDE can be produced as part of our a la carte menu. Once we know the details of your event we can advise you on the viability of a SDE.

It’s a short film about both of you, which you can show to your guests during one of the wedding events. It is similar to a Pre-wedding shoot and is shot before your wedding. Talk to us, we’ll advise you.

We love to travel. In fact we prefer destination weddings as they have a certain charm. Of course it goes without saying that you would have to take care of travel and accommodation for the crew.

We have a core crew of 4 experienced professionals. For additional services like a SDE and Aerial footage there will be additional crew members.

Tools don’t matter, the artist….
We use the best possible HD cameras like the Sony FS7, A7s and Canon C100, etc. If you want to future proof your memories we also give you the option of 4K filming and delivery. You also have the option of Carl Zeiss Cinema Lenses if you desire so.

We do although we are open to suggestions. If you really detest a certain song we won’t put it in!

We have worked with – and can recommend – many talented candid photographers. To make life easier for you we can be the focal point of your photo and video needs. Should you choose your own photographer, we’ll coordinate with them during shoots – we believe in harmony.

We don’t know what you’ll do with it. But, if you insist, it can be purchased through the a la carte menu.

Your film(s) are delivered on special USB drives. Additional copies can also be ordered. We also keep a copy of your main film on our website for 1 year from delivery, which can only be accessed online through a password.

There are a few key things to keep in mind.
1. Communication – We sadly still can’t predict the future. Please give us all the details of your event. Since we are shooting real life, being prepared saves us and you a ton of heartache.
2. Participation – The more your guests speak to us about you the better.
3. Trust – While we love input from the couple, you have chosen us, please let us take creative calls.
4. Limit your usage of those flashy LEDs to the Sangeet/Party. Also, contrary to popular belief, iPad cameras are harmful to your health!
5. Have a fun wedding!

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